Gameplay Recording

Creating great creatives with Obtain requires a crucial step of preparing an input video. To assist in this process, we have compiled a checklist of 10 hacks for working with gameplays and video assets, from recording to processing:
  1. Before recording gameplay, ensure all notifications are turned off or enable airplane mode on the device screen.
  2. Complete the level(s) before recording gameplay to produce a confident, dynamic, and lag-free final recording.
  3. Strategize the creative's logic by deciding what levels, features, elements, or characters to showcase.
  4. Consider the captions’ text when recording gameplay as they should reflect and support what is happening on the screen, resulting in a more cohesive creative.
  5. Use multiple gameplay videos instead of one big file to make it easier to select snippets when further working with gameplay on the platform.
  6. Load gameplay in the required resolution or use the cropping function to eliminate additional elements in the finished creative - 16;9, 9:16 or square are the optimal choices.
  7. Utilize the video speed function to make some segments look more dynamic and show more content in the same amount of time.
  8. Always preview selected gameplay cuts on the platform to adjust them if necessary.
  9. Modify specific elements of rendered creatives instead of creating a new project from scratch if you need to make changes in the rendered videos.
  10. Incorporate multiple variations of gameplays, approaches, logic, and captions to increase the chances of creating a great creative.